Commercial Parking Lot Curb Repair

Professional Parking Lot Curb Repair for Businesses

Commercial Parking Lot Curb Repair in St. Charles, MO

It is important for commercial properties to keep a certain level of visual charm for its clients, customers, employees, and guests. Maintaining the appearance of a company or building is vital for liability and safety reasons, too. If a property’s exterior is disregarded, the result can be both costly and dangerous. One area that needs to be maintained is concrete pavement. Concrete is porous and can be partial to severe weather, freeze-thaw cycles, and natural wear and tear. One component of commercial concrete paving is concrete curbing. Concrete curbing provides a wide range of benefits and has become a common choice for commercial businesses.

Improving Your Building with Commercial Parking Lot Curb Repair in St. Charles, MO

Whether you are constructing a new business or are looking to upgrade your outdoor commercial space, start considering concrete curbing. Improving the exterior of your business will not only draw the attention to potential customers and increase employee optimism, but it will also provide a clean and safe environment for all who step foot on the property. Working with a professional team who are experts in installing commercial concrete curbs will provide you with reassurance that your business property will look its finest.

ADA Compliant Walks/Ramps

Sidewalks and curb ramps, as well as other related concrete areas close to your home or commercial business, are a huge part of your property’s aesthetics and curb appeal. They are also vital areas for public transportation and safety. This area is very important to those who are disabled or have a difficult time with their mobility due to movement-related issues. These groups of individuals are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which states specific rules for sidewalk construction and safety.

To be in compliance with the ADA, sidewalks must be at least 36 inches wide. This regulation is kept in mind primarily for those who use a wheelchair to get around. Sidewalks are allowed to be wider than 36 inches, but they cannot be thinner. If a sidewalk is under 60 inches wide, the ADA requires the design of passing spaces every 200 feet. Passing spaces could mean driveways or other wider sections and they must be at least 60 inches all the way around.

It is important to also think about the texture of the sidewalk, specifically slip-resistant qualities that provide individuals with a disability to walk safely on the sidewalk. As a reminder, the concrete should be without cracks and unevenness, and should be stable and finished correctly.

The ADA regulations regarding curb ramps should not be ignored. Curb ramps are required every time a sidewalk touches a curb space for an intersection. Curb ramps are extremely important for individuals who are blind because they cannot see traffic and therefore must rely on physical aides such as these. According to the ADA, curb ramps must be at least 36 inches wide. They also must include a slope with a ratio of no greater than 2% cross slope.

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Working with a professional who knows how to repair a parking lot curb will make the process easier. A professional can guide you in the particulars and can give a detailed account of the project centered on your unique driveway needs.


What is the process for curb repair?

Depending on the damage to the curbs, they may need to be completely replaced or only partially restored. If a complete replacement is necessary, then your contractor will begin by removing any existing asphalt and debris around the curb. Next, they will use a concrete saw to cut out the existing curb and replace it with a new one. If partial restoration is needed, then your contractor will use a disc grinder to remove any damaged sections of the existing curb, then fill in these sections with an appropriate material such as asphalt or concrete.

How long does it take for parking lot curb repair?

A: The duration of the repair depends on a variety of factors, but generally it can take anywhere from one to two days. Factors such as the size and complexity of the job, weather conditions, and availability of materials all play a role in determining the exact length of time needed for curb repairs.

Are there any safety concerns when performing parking lot curb repairs?

Yes, safety is a top priority for any repair job. Your contractor should be wearing protective gear and using the correct tools for the job. Additionally, it’s important to keep pedestrians and vehicles out of the area while repairs are being made to ensure everyone’s safety.

What materials are used for commercial parking lot curb repair?

The type of material used will depend on the extent of the damage and the desired outcome. Common materials include asphalt, concrete, and epoxy patches. Your contractor will be able to recommend the best material for your particular situation. 

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